Work flexibly

On-demand matches between students and firms. Gain professional experience and salaries all year!

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Because applying for jobs does not have to be time-consuming

Flexible opportunities

Instantly start on projects and tasks at professional firms whenever you are available

Top junior salaries

Earn between 15€ and 35€ an hour while building your skills

Career compass

Find your optimal career and get shown the best path to it. You've got what it takes

Reach your goals without applications

The best opportunities are presented to you, all you have to do is swipe right

Unique opportunities

Take on special professional projects, on-site or remotely, whenever it fits your calendar

Short term benefit & long-term impact

All projects come with great salaries, we'll then show off the experience to get you a dream career by the end of your studies

Save your time

Apply to matching opportunities with two touches. Leave the rest to our AI Instead of writing cover letters


Whom you'll work with

Just a small sample


Which students?

For now, most projects focus on tech and business. There'll be more types for all other motivated students soon

How much does it cost?

Nothing at all! Companies pay us to have you with them, so enjoy our awesome app!

Which companies?

Consultancies, investment banks, private equity funds, VCs & tech startups

When will all this begin?

Projects are already waiting for you! Download it below.

Ready to get started?

Download the HYRE app to access all our partner firms' projects.

Our supporters

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Who we are.

Young founders with a grand vision and a great team behind them, currently supported by the APX (Porsche & Axel Springer) accelerator!

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